Podcast Soundboard

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Perfect for theater, sportscasting, conference calls, gaming, and podcasting.

  • Massive library of sounds provided by freesound.org (web only).
  • Instantly generate rich soundscapes with AI (web only).
  • Cloud based and multi-device (web only).
  • Fully customizable user interface.

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World Class


For anyone doing radio shows/podcasts and you need to quickly and effectively trigger tracks and audio effects, this program is fantastic - I have been doing a radio show for 8 years and since discovering Podcast Soundboard it has become an essential part of my show.

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Best of them all !


In my point of view, this is the best sound board app I've seen so far. Multiplatform is a must for me ! Support is just great !!

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Used together with SoundFlower, it gave me exactly what I needed for running podcasts and streams. Thank you!


Desktop and mobile apps are a one-off payment.
Sign up for free to try on the web, but subscribe to use unlimited sounds.
$4.95 per month
Cancel any time
$49.50 per year
Two months free!

FeatureMacOS / WindowsWebiOS / Android
AI-generated Soundboards
Freesound.org Sound Library
Cloud Sync
Online File Storage
Trim Tracks
Color Controls
Advanced Fade Controls
Background Playback
Responsive UI
Volume Control
Duck Button
Keyboard ShortcutsN/A
MIDI SupportN/A
Global ShortcutsN/A
Output Device Picker

  • Thousands of people use Podcast Soundboard in their creative projects.
  • Trusted for five years.
  • Please reach out for a refund if you change your mind.