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Oh Yeah






Barking Dog

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World Class


For anyone doing radio shows/podcasts and you need to quickly and effectively trigger tracks and audio effects, this program is fantastic - I have been doing a radio show for 8 years and since discovering Podcast Soundboard it has become an essential part of my show.
Best option? Absolutely!!!


Wow! 🤩 This app is really cool. I was looking for a soundboard for my podcast, and I got this jewel for my android phone, my iPad and my PC. There are another options in the market, but they are so expensive. This is a great tool and it could be a big competitor. Best option? Absolutely!!! [...]
Best of them all!


In my point of view, this is the best sound board app I've seen so far. Multi-platform is a must for me! Support is just great!!
Conference calls


From $2.95/mo

Create an account to try the web version for free. Upgrade to an affordable premium subscription for unlimited sounds, and bonus access to the Windows app.

WindowsWindows included!



Podcast Soundboard is the leading soundboard application on the MacOS app store. Perfect for MIDI and offline support.

Lifetime license!



Purchase a lifetime license for Podcast Soundboard for Windows directly from our website. Alternatively, access to the Windows app is included with a web subscription.

Lifetime license!



Download Podcast Soundboard for iOS free today! Find us on the iOS app store. Portable, offline, and feature-rich

Lifetime license!



Podcast Soundboard is the most well-polished soundbite app on the Google Play store. Best of all, it's completely free. Download today!

Lifetime license!
Licenses for each version are sold separately due to app store restrictions.
Freesound and Voicy

Dive into an endless sea of sounds with Freesound and Voicy. Discover, play, and integrate unique sounds effortlessly, directly from your browser.

Web only
Web Soundboards

Seamless access across all your devices. Start your project on one device and pick up exactly where you left off on another.

Web only
AI-generated Soundboards

Effortlessly curate a set of sounds using AI-generated soundboards. Create fresh soundscapes in seconds, perfect for enhancing your projects or just having fun.

Web only
Trim Tracks

Precision editing made easy. Trim your audio tracks to ensure your projects sound exactly the way you want.

Color Controls

Add a splash of color to your projects. Our color controls let you set the mood and style of your soundboards, making them uniquely yours.

Advanced Fade Controls

Craft the perfect entrance and exit for your audio with advanced fade controls. Elevate your sound design with smooth transitions.

Responsive UI

Enjoy an unparalleled user experience across all devices with our responsive UI. Whether you're on a phone, tablet, or desktop, our platform adapts to fit your needs.

Volume Control

Master your audio levels with precise volume control at a sound, soundboard, or global level.

Loop & Multi-fire

Choose to loop tracks like background music, or enable Multi-Fire to layer copies of the same sound effect.

Duck Button

Seamlessly lower the volume of all tracks with the click of a button. Perfect for podcasts and narrations, ensuring your voice is always heard clearly.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Your sounds are at your fingertips with customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Not available on mobile
MIDI Support

Connect your MIDI devices to play sounds with your favorite hardware seamlessly integrated into our platform.

Not available on mobile
Background Playback

Keep the music going, even when you switch apps. With background playback, your soundtrack never misses a beat.

Not available on mobile
Global Shortcuts

Trigger your audio without breaking your workflow. Global shortcuts let you play and pause tracks without ever having to switch windows.

Desktop only
Output Device Picker

Route app audio to a specific playback device of your choosing.

Desktop only

Search from a universe of clips


We integrate with the largest free sound libraries on the web.


Voicy is a user-driven library with over 500,000 trending clips and memes


Freesound offers more than 600,000 creative-commons sounds in every possible category.


Thousands of people use Podcast Soundboard in their creative projects.


Continually enhanced since 2017 thanks to engaged user feedback.


We offer a no-risk 30-day refund policy on any purchase.